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Exeter, NH Wedding Ceremony Sites

The picture to the right is the Exeter Inn.

Here are some great wedding venues in the town:

Churchill's Garden Center - Did a wedding here in February in the nursery and it was great! This was the week after a series of snowstorms, and being in the nursery was like being in summertime, surrounded by flowers with butterflies flitting around - just what a winter-weary soul needs. I'm not sure if ceremonies are performed here regularly or if this was a special circumstance, but it's worth checking out for a winter wedding in a warm place.

Exeter Inn - This is a historic place in a great town. I've done quite a few weddings here both inside and outside in the garden courtyard. There are two that stand out in my mind. The first was indoors on an April night. It was a second marriage for both, and both had children. I helped them to put together a delightful ceremony that featured a children's unity candle. The second was outdoors on a summer's evening. It was the brother of a Bride who I had married a few years before. Very pleasant wedding that went off without a hitch... except for the music for the recessional. For some reason, it wouldn't play. We waited until the "DJ" (a friend of the Groom) figured it out, and then the couple marched triumphantly down the aisle. All's well that ends well!

Green Gate Campground - Married a couple on the lawn in front of the main office recently. I hadn't been to this place since the 90's when I DJed an event there. At the time, this venue hosted events like weddings but, at some point, they stopped doing that, so this isn't currently a site you can use for your ceremony unless you're staying at the campground. My understanding is though, that the new owners would like to use the banquet hall as a site for events again in the not too distant future so, if you have a wedding coming up, you might want to check with the owners to see if you can have your's there.

McDonnell Conservation Area - Beautiful little spot on the banks of the Exeter River. I perform weddings at the trailhead next to the parking lot. Conveniently, there is a little bench located there in case a couple of your guests need to be sitting for the ceremony. Really, this is a place more suited to elopements than larger gatherings. In fact, I'd say if you have more than 15 guests, you might want to look for a different spot. I included the FaceBook page because there is no official website yet. Because it is so close to home, rather than the ordinary fee for an outdoor ceremony where I come to you, I charge the reduced fee of a ceremony where you come to me. Pics: McDonnell Conservation Area

•Swasey Park Bandstand Gazebo - Did a wedding here in January. Wonderful site with a view of the Squamscott River, and shelter from the elements if needed. In the winter I think you can do an elopement or a wedding with a handful of guests without notifying the town, but in summer I would call to make arrangements. Pics: Swasey Park Bandstand Gazebo

{Looking for good elopement spots? Check out JP John's list of great elopement venues on the seacoast}

The Word Barn - Nice little place for a wedding. They also hold concerts, poetry readings and other events there. Performed an October wedding here recently in a small room that could probably fit 35 or 40 or so guests. Rustic and kind of cool. Check it out if you're looking to get married in the Exeter area. Pictures: The Word Barn  

Here are links to the town clerk and information on obtaining your marriage license in Exeter...
Exeter Town Clerk
Exeter Marriage License Information

The fee for a marriage ceremony performed in Exeter, New Hampshire is $125 for a Lite Secular Ceremony or Lite Spiritual Ceremony, $155 for a Classic Secular Ceremony or Classic Spiritual Ceremony with Custom Vows, and $195 for a Theme Ceremony with Custom Vows. Justice of the Peace attendance at wedding rehearsals in Exeter is $65. (Please Note: Fees may vary with a limited number of specific vendors due to contractual agreements - call for details)

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