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Justice of the Peace services in Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Merrimack County, NH

We provide Wedding Officiant, Marriage Celebrant, and other JP services to the following towns in Merrimack County:


The fee for a marriage ceremony performed in Merrimack County, New Hampshire is $130 for a Lite Secular Ceremony or Lite Spiritual Ceremony, and $170 for a Classic Secular Ceremony or Classic Spiritual Ceremony with Custom Vows. Completely Custom Designed Ceremonies start at $230. Justice of the Peace attendance at wedding rehearsals in Merrimack County is $65. For ceremonies that require the Wedding Officiant's attendance at the rehearsal, a Professional Ceremony Coordinator is provided at either the rehearsal or ceremony at no additional charge. (Please Note: Fees may vary with a limited number of specific vendors due to contractual agreements - call for details)

Please Contact Me if you have questions, if you'd like to set up a free consultation, or if you'd like me to perform your wedding.