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To the right, you can see one of my favorite places to officiate weddings as a JP in Newburyport, Atkinson Common, as it appeared in 1908! Looks beautiful and, interestingly enough, it's just as beautiful today! They have some great fountains on the grounds, which they turn off just in time for weddings to start so their sound doesn't compete with the music and words of the wedding.

Here are some other great wedding venues in the city:

Chailey Estate - Recently took a tour of this venue. It was just emerging from it's winter hibernation so it was rough on the edges, but the potential charm was apparent. The venue features a wonderful gazebo for your ceremony and a large outdoor area with a beautiful view of the Merrimac river for your reception. There's plenty of free parking for your guests and the site is handicap accessible. This is an all outdoor facility, so you'll need to do a bit of legwork to assure it is ready for your guests. For instance, you'll need to rent port-o-potty's and a tent for the reception in case of rain. This is a small price to pay for a potentially lovely ceremony and reception site. The Estate is in a quiet, peaceful location - away from the hustle and bustle of the city - and that adds to its charm. If you're looking for a nice outdoor venue in Newburyport for your wedding ceremony and/or reception, this is a place you want to check out. Update: This venue is listed as temporarily closed. Not sure if/when it will reopen.

Hale Memorial Park - This is really a beautiful park. It features a fountain, and many couples choose to get married in front of the fountain. There is a small section of the park, located across the street from the main park, with a view of the ocean that is also prime ground for a ceremony. If you're having a smaller wedding, I don't believe there's a charge for using the park. The only drawback is that you have to find parking on the side streets around the park, although this is usually not that difficult to do. All in all, this is a pretty place for a wedding ceremony! Pics... Hale Memorial Park

Maudslay Arts Center - Big historic barn and park grounds available Mid-May to Mid-October.

Maudslay State Park - There are many very picturesque spots in the park that can accommodate a wedding. Maudslay is not big as far as State Parks are concerned - you can cover just about the entire park in a two or three hour hike. I recommend you take a day to walk around and scout out some potential areas for your wedding. Some pics... Maudslay State Park

Newburyport Blues Cruise - Boat Charter Packages are available for ceremonies.

Newburyport Elks Lodge - Nice Elks Hall with a great stage on which you can have your ceremony.

Nicholson Hall at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

Rear Range Lighthouse - Want to get married in a really unique place?... try the top of a lighthouse! I officiated a wedding here on Valentine's Day for a couple who were eloping. Good thing they were, because there wasn't a lot of room for guests! Very romantic spot with a great view of Newburyport and the ocean. Check out an image of the lighthouse here: Rear Range Lighthouse

Starboard Galley Restaurant

Steeple Hall at Mission Oak Grill - Officiated my first wedding here on a nice Saturday afternoon in September. This is an old Baptist Church converted into a beautiful wedding hall. The staff were helpful and accommodating. Plus, they claim to be the only venue in Newburyport that can host 180 wedding guests. Big or small guest list, this is a ceremony and reception site you should check out.

The Phoenix Room - Did a wedding here as a Master of Ceremonies over ten years ago, and haven't been back since - but not by my choice! It's a beautiful place to have a marriage ceremony. Can't wait to go back as a Justice of the Peace!

Unitarian Universalist Church - Most Unitarian Universalist Churches will allow you to have a wedding ceremony at their facility, although they usually don't advertise it well. In fact, this site doesn't advertise it at all, so don't be afraid to give them a call to get information. Also, I find they screen the Wedding Officiant pretty closely to make sure there won't be any "fire-and-brimstone" stuff going on!

Waterfront Promenade Park - Officiated a wedding here on a late September afternoon, and it was beautiful. There is a stone stage on which you can have your ceremony, and plenty of room for seating on the lawn. A convenient brick walkway leads to the stage from the main street, and can be used by bridesmaids and brides to walk into the ceremony area after the limo drops them off. Check out some pictures... Waterfront Promenade Park

Here are links to the town clerk and information on obtaining your marriage license in Newburyport...
Newburyport City Clerk
Newburyport Marriage License Information

The fee for a marriage ceremony performed by Justice of the Peace John Scuto in Newburyport, Massachusetts is $125 for a Lite Secular Ceremony or Lite Spiritual Ceremony, $155 for a Classic Secular Ceremony or Classic Spiritual Ceremony with Custom Vows, and $195 for a Theme Ceremony with Custom Vows. JP John's attendance at wedding rehearsals in Newburyport is $65. (Please Note: Fees may vary with a limited number of specific vendors/venues due to contractual agreements - call for details)

Please Contact Me if you have questions, if you'd like to set up a free consultation, or if you'd like me to be the wedding officiant for your Newburyport wedding ceremony.

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