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Here are a couple of great wedding venues in the town:

Fuller Gardens - Officiated a wedding for the first time here in August. I'm really glad I found this place! Fuller Gardens is a botanical garden located in a quiet, off the beaten path, part of North Hampton and it is the perfect spot for a small wedding ceremony with up to 50 guests. There are several meticulously maintained and beautiful places among the rose bush borders and antique water fountains that can accommodate a wedding. The groom at the ceremony I performed informed me that their reception would also be held on the grounds, so it sounds like you can plan your entire event (wedding & reception) in the same spot. As an added perk, the staff there were very friendly and accommodating. If you're planning a seacoast area wedding, check this place out - you won't be disappointed. Pics here: Fuller Gardens

Hampton Airfield - Did a wedding here in August on the field by the runway. The couple had a large tent set up in case of rain, and had the event catered by The Old Salt in Hampton. The biggest concern was having planes take off, perhaps in the middle of the couple's vows. That actually didn't turn out to be as big a concern as originally feared, since I saw only one plane take off in the two hours or so I was there for the wedding and rehearsal. That said, it seems like as good a place as any to have a wedding with up to perhaps a hundred guests, but here's the catch... I have no idea whether this site is actually available on a regular basis for weddings. The wedding I performed was for a Bride who had apparently worked at the Airfield, and thought it would be a nifty idea to have her wedding there. But no one there was privy to whether it's available to the general public. So, you'll have to click the link above and contact them if you're entertaining the idea of the Airfield as your wedding spot.

Here is the link to the town clerk in North Hampton...
North Hampton Town Clerk

The fee for a marriage ceremony performed by Justice of the Peace John Scuto in North Hampton, New Hampshire is $125 for a Lite Secular Ceremony or Lite Spiritual Ceremony, $155 for a Classic Secular Ceremony or Classic Spiritual Ceremony with Custom Vows, and $195 for a Theme Ceremony with Custom Vows. JP John's attendance at wedding rehearsals in North Hampton is $65. (Please Note: Fees may vary with a limited number of specific vendors/venues due to contractual agreements - call for details)

Please Contact Me if you have questions, if you'd like to set up a free consultation, or if you'd like me to be the Justice of the Peace for your North Hampton wedding ceremony.

NH Justice of the Peace John Scuto Thank Yous, Reviews, and Testimonials 

John is amazing! He is so sweet and I couldn't have asked for anyone better to officiant our marriage ❤️
-Briana A.

Was very nice, friendly easy to work with, made everything easy for us.

Great personality, easy to talk to and a great resource if your’e looking to create your own ceremony but don’t quite know how to start!
-Lil D.

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