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Justice of the Peace John ScutoJohn Scuto and Blue Sky Wedding Services has coupled with Ernie Osborne and Acclaim Photography to provide our couples with superb services and a special benefit! See below for the exclusive benefit we are proud to offer clients using both Blue Sky and Acclaim Photography.

As a Justice of the Peace, I have the privilege of working with many fine photographers but, in my opinion, Ernie Osborne is the best - and, for many different reasons.

1) Talent, of course, is very important, and I love Ernie's art. He's been doing wedding photography for many years, and that experience shows in his work. Check out a few of his photos on this page (and yes, that is me in the photo on the left below), or go straight to Ernie's Acclaim Professional Wedding Photography website to check out more.

2) Professionalism is paramount in the wedding business, and Ernie conducts himself as the ultimate professional. For me, it's important that the photographer be present, but not be intrusive in terms of where they locate themselves in the ceremony. Originally, when working with Ernie, I noticed something very quickly - he's there, but you hardly know it! And yet, he gets all the crucial shots, and then some! I have performed ceremonies where the photographer, in an effort to get a good picture, had his camera lens almost right next to my face - this is not really an optimum situation for the celebrant or the couple. Ernie has mastered the art of good wedding photography positioning - and I appreciate it every time I work with him!

Justice of the Peace John Scuto3) Customer Service Skills may be the thing I look most for in a wedding professional. Ernie knows how to treat his clients well, and that is always obvious on the wedding day and in conversations with my clients who work with him. Ernie cares about this clients, and always strives to do the best he can for them. I will not recommend anyone who doesn't have this most essential skill. Ernie has this in spades, and it's the main reason I recommend him. As I had mentioned, there are many talented, professional photographers, but Ernie's customer service skills set him apart from the others. Virtually everyone I refer to him likes working with him.

4) I wasn't sure where to mention this, so I figured I'd create a separate item to highlight it - and that's Ernie's attention to detail. Before the ceremony begins, Ernie makes sure you (the bridal couple), the bridal party, and I look good - and trust me, sometimes I need it! There's been more than one occasion where Ernie has straightened my tie and made other small adjustments to my wardrobe that I think make a big difference in the photos. I can't think of another photographer who does this for me, or who demonstrates this kind of conscientiousness. In fact, he'll even do it for Cathy when she accompanies me to the ceremony! And, I think that attention to detail is his ace-up-the-sleeve. Not only does it show in his pre-ceremony activities - it shows up in his beautiful photography. Check out some of the images on this page to get a taste of his abilities, and go to his website to see more.


•10 Free 5x7 Prints of your choice from Acclaim Professional Photography

Ernie has graciously offered 10 free 5x7 prints to couples referred to him by Blue Sky Wedding Services who book his services.

Acclaim Professional Photography was selected as the exclusive photographer for Blue Sky Wedding Services clients because they meet the high level of service and quality standards of Blue Sky Weddings.

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