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Short Sands Beach is a great place for a ceremony. In fact, most of the beach ceremonies I do in York are at Short Sands. To the right, you can see the Square at Short Sands Beach from a 1915 postcard.

Here are some other great ceremony venues & sites in York:

Clay Hill Farm - Located in Cape Neddick, this is an incredibly great place to have your wedding. Very picturesque, beautiful grounds, excellent restaurant. I officiated a wedding for the first time here in June, but it wasn't the first time I'd visited. Back in the day, I was the DJ and Master of Ceremonies for a wedding that took place there. So, it had been over 15 years since I had been back. My recollection of the place was accurate - it was beautiful then, and it is beautiful now. Ceremony coordination there is excellent. The grounds feature a lovely gazebo in front of which ceremonies are performed. The processional takes place on a walkway the cuts through many smaller evergreen trees before emerging into the area where the gazebo is located and guests are seated. This place is exquisitely landscaped. If you're looking for a very nice venue to have your wedding in York, check this place out - I'm thinking you won't be disappointed! Check out the pics here... you'll get the idea... Clay Hill Farm

Dockside Restaurant - Did a wedding here recently. This place IS Maine. The gazebo where the wedding takes place is right on York Harbor. It was a small wedding on a misty, cloudy day. Ordinarily, mist and clouds are not the kind of weather you want to have on your wedding day. And while a sunny, bright day may have been preferable, the mist and clouds here at the Dockside Restaurant actually added to the air of what was a true Maine wedding! This ceremony featured a Family Sand Ceremony. Many couples who choose to have their ceremonies at the beach will have some form of a Sand Ceremony. All-in-all, a great venue for a ceremony.
Update: officiated another ceremony here recently on the lawn next to the Inn - equally as beautiful! Dockside Restaurant

Foster's Downeast Clambake - Performed a wedding here in September. I was very impressed with the level of ceremony coordination at this site - the coordinator, Beth, had everything under control, and greeted me almost as soon as I arrived. There is plenty of room for guests at the outdoor ceremony site in addition to a 400 seat pavilion. There's also a beach volleyball court and a horseshoe pit on site. All-in-all, this is a wonderful venue for a wedding ceremony and reception. Foster's Downeast Clambake Wedding Venue

Mount Agamenticus - This is just a beautiful place to tie the knot! It's only about a .6 mile drive to the top of the mountain and breathtaking views for the backdrop of your ceremony. If you're coming with a group, I've provided the Group Registration Request Form in the link above. If you're coming with just a few people (i.e. less than 10), I don't think the form would be necessary, but you might want to contact them just in case. Here are some pics courtesy of Google, but I don't think images do it justice... Mount Agamenticus

Scotland Fields - Nice, relatively new spot for a wedding in York. I did the honors as officiant for an August wedding ceremony here. There are three main structures on the grounds, the bungalow, the farmhouse, and the barn. Before the wedding I performed, the bride and her attendants stayed in one structure, while the groom and his entourage hung out in the other, so as not to see each other before the ceremony began. The third stucture (the barn) is for the reception and can hold up to 160 guests, although as of this writing I am not sure whether the barn is ready to host receptions. Scotland Fields

York Golf & Tennis Club - Officiated a small wedding here. There were literally nine guests for this ceremony, so I didn't get a chance to see how or if they coordinate a large ceremony. You can have your ceremony in what they call the "Old Club House," or outside with the picturesque York River in the background. York Golf and Tennis Club

York Harbor Beach - Did a wedding here on the beach in February! Surprisingly, the weather was pretty good! This is a nice smaller beach in York, but two things you need to know... First, there is permit parking only in the small lot that leads to the beach - so if you're not a York resident, you could have trouble finding a parking spot near the beach that's not off limits - especially in summer. Second, you may want to schedule your wedding for low tide. The wedding I officiated was at low tide. When I went there afterward for a walk with my dog Susie, it was high tide, and there was literally no beach to walk on. So plan accordingly! York Harbor Beach

York Harbor Inn, Hartley Mason Reserve - Performed my first wedding here in September. The reception was held at the Inn, but the ceremony took place across the street from the Inn at the Hartley Mason Reserve. The Reserve is truly a beautiful place for a wedding. The ceremony takes place in a grassy area with the sound of waves crashing (it seems like at just the right volume!) in the background. Although the wedding I officiated had had only about 80 guests, I can't see why you couldn't easily have at least twice as many guests attend. We were in (distant) site of another ceremony that was taking place at a venue next to us, but it did not detract from the ceremony I was performing in any way. The coordinator's name is Paul, and he did a magnificent job coordinating the festivities, including the procession of the wedding party and the coordination with the musicians. My only complaint is about the parking. I ended up parking up the street from the ceremony, and having to walk a bit to get to it - but just a bit. I also want to add that I did not try the Inn's parking lot first because I didn't think I would find a parking spot there, but it's possible I might have found one there if I had checked. All things considered, this is a great wedding ceremony venue! Update: I officiated a ceremony inside the Inn recently in the Yorkshire Ballroom. Wonderful! The room we were in was well lit and comfortable, and the wedding was coordinated in a flawless fashion. This is a classy, professional venue. Hartley Mason Reserve

Here are links to the town clerk and information on obtaining your marriage license in York...
York Town Clerk
York Marriage License Information

The fee for a marriage ceremony performed by Wedding Officiant John Scuto in York, Maine is $125 for a Lite Secular Ceremony or Lite Spiritual Ceremony, $155 for a Classic Secular Ceremony or Classic Spiritual Ceremony with Custom Vows, and $195 for a Theme Ceremony with Custom Vows. Minister John's attendance at wedding rehearsals in York is $65. (Please Note: Fees may vary with a limited number of specific vendors/venues due to contractual agreements - call for details)

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